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Everything is not fair in Love
2018-01-21 | तीतोपाटी डट कम
Narayan pokhrel- Badal turns on his computer and log in to his account in Facebook with a smile on his face. He is expecting message the reason why he open the computer. It was from the girl name Apsara he met on Facebook three months ago. He really hopes to find a new love, and Apsara could be the right girl for him. Both of them are not using their own picture in their profile and not their real names.

Apsara wrote in the message that her parents are forcing her to marry, so she would like to meet him in person as soon as possible or else she wouldn’t have any choice than to accept her parent’s decision.  

 He considers meeting Apsara as he chats with her continuously from three months on Facebook. He really likes her so much because of her pretty face in her profile, the way she is replying he’s message and she looks smart too. Badal  was only two years older than Apsara . They share many interests and hobbies but they didn’t talk anything about their families and which society they belong to. They agree not to introduce family background until they see each other in person. They live in the same city but Badal use to study in different place. They both enjoy the mystery of a blind date.

They agree to meet in the Hotel after two days as Badal needs to travel to reach the particular area. Why they choose to meet directly in the hotel is they don’t want anyone to see them before they decide or finalize such things for the future. Badal prepares for his date. He puts on nice clothes and he was excited.  Apsara was also excited but she was nervous too thinking how she will be going to face Badal in the first time.
The boy reserved the room in the hotel and informed Apsara to go and stay there as he will be reaching by evening already. Apsara did what she was told to do and finally Badal reached near the door and knocked, when Apsara opened the door she was shocked and run to the bed and cover her face by blanket. Badal couldn’t believe what he just saw. Slowly he walked towards the bed and pull the blanket, then he fainted because the girl Apsara in the Facebook was Pinky his own sister. When he gain consciousness he found himself in the hospital bed but his sister is missing and he doesn’t have courage to ask where she's gone.