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If there is no struggle there is no progress
2018-01-17 | तीतोपाटी डट कम

basanta thapa- Pure education lies in nature But almost 9 5% of us are purely educated and educated in the book, texts, scriptures and literature of the person. Therefore, it is believed that children from school children should go to the school and visit the university due to childhood, because Raj Kumar Siddharth Gautam, without any school or universal office, was completely disturbed by his ignorance about 2500 years ago. With a conscious, conscious and vigilant, a teacher and a guru, to the common man, suffer from his misery The intent of free text to be free of brush In the society Conscious country, and promote the education of the, So, he is considering him today by the scientists of the world's human society, great teacher and teacher
Understanding that there is no progress and progress without taking peace in mind, because we are able to succeed in only one struggle in the number of millions of men in the world to come to this place, including physical creatures. Likewise, the woman developed in the womb should struggle to bring this world into birth in a similar way. The pregnant woman and her infant child.

Therefore, we who have seen and experienced ourselves that such people do not progress and progress in their lives and the world, who are not able to cope with the challenge, to fight against the challenge