10 Falgun, 2074 | 22 February, 2018 Thursday
Migration of dashain
2017-09-30 | तितोपाटी डट कम

Lord Is hands empty in the plate of untouched untouchable or pearl. In spite of the embarrassment of Migration, today my mind is missed many memories of remorse! When younger, Horse came in a few yoga periods of ten yoga era, which took a little bit of famine. The famine and the birth of the birth of the Beginning, the memories of my tennis have not been less fun! When I interact with the imagination! At the same time, the full plate filled with untouchable plate, the jumble and the jumble of the people,

really enjoy my mind! Make Imagine a little different! I have to put a stick in the house and take a bath and rub the floor, Siva Kaka, the old house of Doli Phupu's small house, to buy all the big bulls of Khadkini Ai upper house of small house! This is probably the last pillar of Sani Kaki's hand below the depths! As soon as I reach there, I have to take a bath from Kakashi! Because she can not keep his soul alive till now. Sighth Syrer may not get any other reason for the disease. Just have fun with a couple of guys! What a uff is a hurry me,

Something like this came back in my ears, my imagination broke! It was a panoramic looking back, and looked at his side, there was no floppy or a plate of strap or no jumra's sweet or not his own jumbo itself !! It was my deliberate life left alone with meditation and patience within the circle of meditation! Turning away the distilled heat into a crystalline heart, once again, I remember the rest of my mind, remembering the rest of my believer again and again in the battlefield,

In the end, Vijaya Dasmi has a great blessing to the family members of your grandparents, including peace and peace, peace and blessings, and heartfelt desire for Northward progress. "Jai Durga Bhavani

महाबिर अबिस्कार केन्द्रलाई सगरमाथा परोपकारी समाज कुवेत द्वारा सहयोग

पत्रकार महासँग अध्यक्ष न्यौपानेमाथि सांघातिक आक्रमण

४१ दिन देखी अस्पतालमा रहेका नर बहादुरको लुम्बिनी समाजको बिशेष पहलमा उद्धार

कोसेली समुहको दशौं वार्षिक उत्सवका साथ छापा पत्रिका मरूभूमिको कोसेलीको २९औ अंक बिमोचन सम्पन्न

घरेलु मदिरा सहित कुवेतमा दुई नेपाली पक्राउ,पक्राउ पर्नेमा एक महिला पनि

सुदुर-पश्चिम सेवा समाज कुवेतको प्रथम बार्षिक उत्सब सम्पन्न

कुवेतमा १६औं बमजन गोल्ड कपका पहिलो र क्वार्टर फाईनल चरणका सम्पूर्ण खेलहरु सम्पन्न

दोस्रो पटक प्रधानमन्त्री भएपछि ओलीका यी सात संकल्पहरु यस्तो छ